Pet Ultrasound Veterinary Service in Bethany, OK

A very helpful tool for assessing internal organs in animals is veterinary ultrasonography. It can spot changes in the heart and other abdominal organs, as well as help, identify any cysts and tumors that might be present.


Pet Ultrasound

Ultrasounds are also used to diagnose pregnancies and track development because they allow for real-time monitoring.

How soon will my pet have an ultrasound?

When our veterinarians at Council Veterinary Hospital discover anomalies in blood work or x-rays, or when they need to keep track of a disease process, an ultrasound is typically advised. It is also possible to use ultrasounds to confirm pregnancy.

What happens during an ultrasound test?

High-frequency sound waves are focused into the desired location by ultrasound equipment in a narrow beam. In the tissues they come into contact with, the sound waves either pass through, reflect, or absorb. Any echoes created by reflected ultrasound waves will be heard.

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