Our Veterinary Team Council Veterinary Hospital in Bethany, OK

Meet the veterinary staff of Council Veterinary Hospital who will take care of your pet’s essential health needs.

Dr. Emily, DVM

Hi, I’m Dr. Emily Redden Rivera! I have been practicing veterinary medicine for the past 16 years. I studied veterinary medicine at Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine. I pride myself in the patients that instantly bond with me and fill my heart with joy. Outside of the hospital, I like to spend time with my family, watching movies, and working on my flower bed.

Dr. Brooke Vaughn, DVM

Bio Coming Soon.

Zander, Receptionist

I have been working at Council for the past six months! I pride myself on my compassion & care for the patients that walk through our doors. When I’m not at work, I love drawing, painting, writing a video game, and friendship.

Shane, Vet Technician

I am dedicated and committed to this field, as it has become a life passion of mine. I continuously strive to provide the best medical care I can to the patients I see. I am constantly open to learning and growing, as each day, I would like to come in more robust and knowledgeable than the day before. I am currently working on obtaining my accreditation / licensing as a technician, so I spend a lot of time studying. I like to hike and exercise a lot. I produce my music, play several instruments, and love to rap. Camping is my favorite idea for a vacation.

Aurora, Kennel Tech

I pride myself on providing a comfortable and calm environment for patients. I enjoy hiking, bike riding, drawing, writing, and reading in my free time.

Kim, Veterinary Assistant

I love animals. I believe everyone deserves a good quality of life, so taking care of them is second nature to me. Outside the practice, I prioritize my time with my pets and partner. I am always down for trying new food and exploring new hobbies. Don’t get me wrong, though; I also love my sleep!

Austin, Technician

I treat each patient as of they are my own. I strive to ensure they get the same quality of care that I hope to receive for my fur babies. The patients that instantly bond with me fill my heart with joy. Outside caring for our patients, I enjoy binge-watching football from Saturday to Sunday. Go pokes! When I am feeling creative, I like to design tattoos for others.

Brandy, Practice Manager and Technician

I pride myself in my compassionate care, providing a positive experience for both the client and the patients that come to us. In my free time, I love hiking, taking my kids to sports, exploring new places, reading, and gardening.

Lindsey, Groomer

I have been working in the veterinary industry for the last 13 years. I have a talent for working with challenging pets. I am usually the only groomer able to groom pets who have been kicked out of other salons. In my free time, I enjoy playing disc golf. I am also the vice president of my local women’s league!

Mikki, Kennel Tech

Bio Coming Soon.