Pet Radiographs Veterinary Service in Bethany, OK

An x-ray or radiograph is a type of image that looks inside the body and can show details that might not be visible from the outside. Nearly every organ in the body, including the heart, lungs, and abdominal organs, as well as the bones, can be examined using radiography.


Pet Radiographs

At Council Veterinary Hospital, radiography employs only extremely small amounts of radiation and is painless, safe, and totally non-invasive. Even pregnant women and very young pets can have radiography done because the required level of radiation exposure is so low. The size, form, and location of many of the body’s organs can all be determined by radiographs, as well as the condition of the bones. Organ size is crucial because some diseases, such as kidney, heart, or liver illness, can change the size of these organs. Certain medical conditions, such as intestinal blockage or cancer, can change or distort the shape and location of organs. Depending on their size and location, tumors can occasionally be found using radiography.

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