Boarding Form Council Veterinary Hospital in Bethany, OK

Save time during your next appointment! Please fill out our Boarding Form online from any device at any time before your visit.

Boarding Form

Please fill out this form as completely and accurately as possible for boarding admission.

We thank you for boarding your pet at Council Veterinary Hospital, where we have our boarders׳ health and comfort in mind. Before you depart, we ask that you take a moment to review the following vaccinations and, with the assistance of our staff, circle any that have NOT been administered within the specified times OR for which you do not have documentation. For the health of your pet and our other boarders, we are required to administer the out-of-date vaccinations prior to your pet׳s stay and you will be billed our standard fees for them.

Dogs: Rabies(1yr)

Cats: Rabies(1yr)






I authorize the staff at this facility to perform the procedures listed above and, in the event of an emergency, any medical or surgical procedures necessary for the health and immediate well-being of my pet. I agree to pay in full for my pet׳s boarding and for emergency and/or requested medical care at the time of discharge.

I am leaving the following articles:

I certify that I am the owner or the owner’s authorized agent of this pet.